About Us

Our Girls was created by Ricki and her daughter, Alyna. 

Ricki is the founder of Glass House Goods, a jewelery line to empower women to be themselves and lift one another up. The line was created as a way to heal and grow from her severed relationship with her mother. It created friendships and opportunities to help other women heal from their trauma while lifting others up who needed it.

During the day, Ricki is a High School Counsellor and is often faced with young girls lacking self-esteem and self worth. She read a study that shared that many young girls will experience a dip of self esteem at age 8. It left her wondering how many women would walk different paths today if they had more self worth as a young girl. While the Glass House Goods line has been incredibly rewarding and successful, Ricki wanted to expand the line to include her daughter and other young girls. 

Our Girls was born. A line not just meant for your daughter, but other little girls in your lives. The idea that we all have a role to play in the growth of girls in today's day and age. Our Girls. Our sisterhood. Our responsibility. 

Ricki partnered with her then 8 year old daughter to design pieces that used child-friendly language and appealed to young audiences. Alyna is spirited and kind, sweet and sassy. She is always thinking of encouraging phrases for new pieces and asking to expand the current lines. 

The line is something that both Ricki and Alyna are extremely proud of and grateful to be able to share with girls everywhere.